Tetris-style Incremental game.

 The left is the Tetris field, which you can control with the enter button to begin a game as long as the game window is clicked on, rotate the blocks with z and x, and move the block with the arrow keys. You must get enough of a specific resource to be able to click on each button, except the ones that are opaque. The right is the "RPG" area, where a basic RPG style game involving skeletons plays automatically.

To unlock higher levels, you must reset and be gaining a quota of gold, listed at the top. At maximum level, you can play hard mode, which increases the level you select level by 10 by holding  the "A" button(X key) as you begin a game.

Notable glitches to fix:

-Sometimes, the game stacks multiple pieces at the top before the game ends. This sometimes can cause a reset like the button does.

-The piece colors aren't always accurate.

By defeating bosses in the RPG side, this can be decreased by every 5th boss.

Controls for game:

A - X(rotates the piece right)(up arrow also does this)

B - Z(rotate the piece left)(y key also does this)

Select - Right Shift(does nothing)

Start - Return/Enter(starts a game/pauses the game/goes back to level select)

D-Pad - Arrow Keys(selects a level/ moves the piece)

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